Trustees’ Meeting – Minutes 21st March 2017 


Frank Burstow

Sandra Coghill

Fionnuala Stark

Brian Urquhart

Paul Wood

Charlene Maguire

Apologies – Chris MacKinnon


Minutes of Previous Meeting

Approved Paul Wood and seconded by Charlene Maguire

Matters Arising

  1. Maintenance schedule documentation. As advised at the previous meeting, the schedule was complete, but Frank and Brian would liaise with Chris to ensure the schedule was maintained and evidenced to form a permanent record. There was discussion as to whether an annual budget should be set aside to perform, routine rolling maintenance, again, Frank and Brian would discuss with Chris.
  2. On the subject of maintenance, Charlene advised there had been electrical problems (lighting) in the male changing. Mac was providing his expertise, but the problem was proving hard to pin point with access to wire work limited. Mac was doing this in his own time and currently, as a favour. Charlene said his contribution would be recognised in some way, when the issues with the lighting were resolved.
  3. Paul had taken the issue of community shares no further. Community Shares Scotland were interested in helping the pool, but they needed a capital project to get behind and until such a project was identified, they couldn’t get involved.
  4. It was felt it appropriate to recognise the enormous contribution Ron Johnston had made to the pool. It was decided the best way of doing this was an open letter in the Free Press thanking Ron for his service and contribution. Action Frank
  5. Charlene advised woodchips for the boiler were still causing cost issues, with efforts to source a cheaper and reliable supplier proving fruitless so far. Chris would continue to work to this end, Brian Urquhart would also try to get involved in making enquiries. Action Brian.


A quote had been received for re-painting the outside of the building, including prep work. The quote was from a local supplier (Ferguson, Plockton) and at just over £5K Frank and Brian felt this was good value for the work proposed. It was agreed to proceed with this work.

Brian felt it important to make sure when appointing any contractor, that contractor adhered to the best possible Health and Safety standards and this should be stressed when accepting the quote.


Paul was comfortable with the spreadsheets as supplied and the work Charlene had done to improve their accuracy. Annual accounts were in the process of being finalised, and as always, gave a clearer picture of the pool’s finances than the forecasts. These accounts would hopefully be available for the June meeting. Charlene would chase.

Charlene presented the Trustees with a table outlining up-to-date staffing costs.


In the absence of Chris, Charlene gave a brief report on morale, the new starts and the current training being undertaken. Regular users of the pool had given positive feedback on the new recruits and Charlene was happy with the way they were settling in.


Over 10 possible candidates for adding to the board had been identified. There was discussion of the potential candidates and it was agreed a face-to-face approach was the best way to get new-blood on board. Hopefully, if discussions with these candidates were successful, the June meeting would see some new faces attend. Action All.


Charlene advised withdrawal of the old £1 coins later in the year would cause some short term logistical issues. It would be a hassle, but she’d work a solution that would negate the need for the locking mechanisms to be updated, although longer-term, lockers may need to be replaced.

There being no other business the meeting came to a close, next meeting Tuesday 13th June.